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 Stop Ransomware Attacks

You can never have enough Cybersecurity!

Get all the Cybersecurity services you need to monitor your end-points for potential threats with a proactively driven remediation and protection service in real-time.

We help you find all threats and remediate Cyber gaps that keep you safe and ready ahead of a Cyberattack.

Our team is looking forward to advising you about our cybersecurity focused on your business operations’ hunting and protection service.

Threat Hunting Services

We are proud to provide these Network end-point hardening services that address the priority concerns for Cybersecurity and business continuity.

Red Team

An offensive cybersecurity team for Pen testing, known as a test for ethical hacking to evaluate your IP networking systems’ security. This is the pinnacle starting point to know where to focus and remediate first.

Blue Team

Looking for weaknesses in your environment. Performed by members of our team who are defensive professionals and experts in maintaining internal network defenses against all cyber-attacks and threats.


Cyber Security Operations Centre

Providing you with support and proactive attention to your immediate cyber posturing needs in real-time, place, and as required. Stops attacks before they happen and sees your network through the eyes of a dedicated team of specialists.


Cloud Security Posture Management

The continual Testing of endpoints and services in the cloud reveals root cause vulnerabilities that can lead to a range of attacker achievements.

Multi cloud identity and permissions platform

Protects private and public clouds from insider threats and poor security hygiene:

  • Mitigates your cloud risks due to human error, misconfigurations, or malicious activity
  • Ongoing protection against private and public clouds from insider threats and poor security hygiene
  • Least Privilege Policy Enforcement for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and VMware.

Physical site audit

A professional team will arrive and assess your physical premises, analyse and recommend steps to harden the physical premises, security equipment, features, and services at your premise.



We will advise how your environment has been performing and whether anything is required for further consultation. Proactively, we will verify infected machines and compromised machines that will require remediation and attention.