Managed Services that protect against Phishing Attacks - Visionspeed


Hackers send out thousands of emails every day and wait for you to fall victim and attack.

A managed service is knowing the latest in Cyber Threats around the world. Here to protect from the accidental click or visit to any threat loaded sites. Having a managed service is an important step that protects against human error and attack.

One of the most causes of data breaches in Australia is phishing attacks. Phishing attacks come from emails or messages. This type of cyberattacks aims to steal your information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers and bank details. This attack is also a starting point to other severe attacks like ransomware.

What to check and be careful to protect you from phishing attacks

  • Starting to protect yourself by not clicking on files or links in an email from people you do not know! 
  • Be careful with the email that need your immediate attention, like urgent or do it now
  • Do not click on enticing offers that are too good to be true 
  • Check links before clicking on by hovering on the link in the email 
  • Check spelling and grammar mistakes can also help avoid the attacks
  • Fake invoices in your email
  • Asking you to reset password

How you can minimise the risks with Security Services by Visionspeed 

  • We proactively block connections to malicious destinations at the DNS and IP layer to prevent command and control using by hackers
  • Anytime, anywhere phishing protection, especially off-network computers which have no security stack protection as on network computers
  • Monthly reports showing what are blocked by us in details 
  • Backed by 24/7 SOC