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Cyber Threat Hunting

The practice of proactively identifying unknown threats

Why have a Cyber Threat Hunting?

Firstly, the latest malware is much more challenging to detect and may evade your business’s defence systems. Do you need cyber threat hunting? 

It now may be perfect timing to consider a Cyber threat hunter to uncover unknown attackers that may be lurking in your business.

In conclusion, this service finds those hidden threats lying inside the noise before an attack.

Finally, going beyond your traditional detection technologies is how we secure your business.

Having implemented your hygiene services and endpoint security upgrades you are ready for Cyber Threat hunting.

Please consider such offensive services alone are not effective.

We take a unique approach to providing a Cyber threat hunting service that prepares you for Cyber attack..

Benefits of a Cyber Threat Hunter?

On the benefits of testing. Did you know cybercriminals spend close to 186 days before being discovered on a system?

Cyber Threat hunting is an aggressive tactic that works from the premise of the “assumption of the breach” that attackers are already inside a business’s network.

Indeed, stopping attacks is the best Cybersecurity steps you can take, and you should validate your Cybersecurity points of risk.

Furthermore, these threats can emanate from an employee or an outsider criminal gang, and we cannot emphasise enough the benefits of hiring your Cyberthreat hunter.

Threat Hunting Deliverables


To be successful at cyber threat hunting, companies will need to be proactive with a full-time approach that uses a unique combination of human analysis and automation tools.


Most companies have updated their endpoint security solutions with automated detection in place. However, Cyber threat hunting tools and technologies are needed to find anomalies, unusual patterns, and traces of attackers that shouldn’t be in your systems.



Threat hunters are relentless, highly skilled and dedicated engineers with an instinct that combines determination and ambition skills that go on the offensive.

With problem-solving capabilities, they find and report hidden cyber threats to see even the slightest changes in your systems.



Benefits when you partner with Visionspeed Cyber
  • A partner to help you bolster your security programs
  • An understanding of your Cybersecurity needs
  • Actionable findings and recommendations to mitigate risk
  • Visibility into other weaknesses such as outdated and vulnerable software, violations to policy, insider threats, and unprotected databases
  • Proactive identification and elimination of active threats in your environment
Threat hunters look for attackers that get in under the radar through vulnerabilities a company may not even know exists. 

These attackers spend considerable amounts of time planning and performing reconnaissance, only acting when they know they can successfully penetrate the network without notice.


We will advise how your environment has been performing and whether anything is required for further consultation. Proactively, we will verify infected machines and compromised machines that will require remediation and attention.

We welcome your enquiry about our Cyber threat hunting services today.