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Should Your Company Outsource Cybersecurity?

Key factors to help you decide what’s best for your company.

Should Your Company Outsource Cybersecurity?

For many small businesses, outsourcing to a Cyber security services provider can help mitigate a Cyber-attack.

Small businesses find it challenging to dedicate the security resources they need to protect their businesses. Cyber-attacks are often pitched against smaller companies because hackers see them as easy pickings or a gateway to more significant enterprises.

Cyber Threats are growing exponentially. Look at these facts.

  • $29 bn annual cost of cyber-attack on the Australian economy and growing


  • 61% of executives consider ransomware cyber-attack likely in the next 12 months


  • Many businesses have already experienced a Cybersecurity incident with stolen data.

Why use a specialised IT service provider just for Cybersecurity?

An external Cyber team will deliver focussed attention within your Endpoint environment. We prepare you for an everyday Cyber-attack that covers IT Hygiene, Training, and management services so that you can recover quicker in the face of a Cyber-attack.

  • SMBs are frequently stretched thin from a personnel and a budget standpoint
  • Ransomware attacks and security breaches are growing exponentially and have become more complex to deal with alone
  • Offload difficult and time-consuming tasks
  • Cyber specialist providers have deep technical knowledge in Cyber endpoint security
  • Focused attention through the eyes of dedicated professionals
  • A service provider can monitor endpoints for your protection against security breaches
  • Outsourcing IT Cyber tasks allow businesses to focus on their core product competencies
  • Reducing business risk by putting complex functions in the hands of experts for “enhanced security/compliance”
  • With ongoing Cyber monitoring and management, you are provided with protection against security breaches
  • Easy to manage endpoint licensing just for Cybersecurity that will positively not break the budget.

Available Threat Protection Services

Cybercrime business models continue to develop without impunity, and they are scaling up with more sophistication and driving for larger targets and ransom fees.

Given the stakes are so high, a business should understand the risks, be prepared, and know its response plan following a cyber attack.

We want to share Cybersecurity’s benefits from a cybersecurity services company that will protect you from a cyber attack.

Ransomware protection

  • Prevents malware from execution
  • Protects roaming laptops and endpoints
  • Reduces lateral damage
  • Audits applications in use.

Phishing Protection Service

Stop threats over all ports and protocols:

  • Protects against phishing and malware infections earlier
  • Manages category-based content web filtering, allow/blocklists, and Safe Search browsing enforcement
  • Enforces acceptable web use to comply with internal policies anywhere – on or off network
  • Meets compliance regulations for internet safety like CIPA Compliance and Cybersecurity.

Next-Gen Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware managed solution

  • Manages help desk and security operation centre
  • Continuously monitors and records all file behavior and network activity
  • Stops breaches and blocks malware.
  • Remediates advanced threats that evade front-line defences
  • Supports Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile (iOS and Android).


Multi Factor Authentication

  • Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective controls that an organisation can implement to prevent an adversary from gaining access to a device or network and accessing sensitive information.
  • When implemented, makes it significantly more difficult for an adversary to steal legitimate credentials to facilitate further malicious activities on a network
  • Moves, adds, and changes, when adding new users and restricting permissions if users leave your business and need removal from your MFA services platform.

Multi Cloud Identity and Permissions Platform

  • Protects against private and public clouds from insider threats and poor security hygiene
  • Provides east Privilege Policy Enforcement for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and VMware
  • Assesses cloud identity risk
  • Helps discover, manage, monitor, respond, and report on your cloud security.

Cyber Security Operations Centre

Services options are tailored in consultation to meet your expected security posturing.

Our dedicated engineers provide you with support and proactive attention to your immediate cyber posture needs in the times and places that you require by:

    • Cloud Security Posture Management
    • Network visibility and knowing where the gaps are
    • Stopping attacks before they happen
    • Mitigating risks due to human error, misconfigurations, or malicious activity
    • On demand testing of your current or newly implemented security policies
    • Providing accurate penetration test results with minimal to no false positives within 24 Hours.

    Application Patching and Hardening of Operating Systems

    To reduce vulnerabilities that hackers may exploit.

      Back-up daily

      Back-up critical data daily will help to recover faster if you lose data during an attack.

      Why augment in-house IT with outsourced Cybersecurity services?

      Small business IT teams face time & budget constraints in delivering the levels of monitoring we can provide, and your Cybersecurity threat management needs constant attention from an expert.

      Augmenting with your IT Teams, working with a specialist provider can help expand your knowledge and skills in Cybersecurity with the latest & flexible practices and technologies delivered in an agile sense.

      Providing you with more options to get projects off the ground, which might take weeks or months in-house.

      In return, this provides businesses with an improved Cybersecurity posture that will reduce downtime and an enhanced IT strategy.

      If you are already working with an IT provider, it is worth investigating whether they offer Cybersecurity managed services?

      Protecting Endpoint Infrastructure

      From Cyber Attack

      Performed by members of our team who are defensive professionals and experts in maintaining internal network defenses against cyber-attacks and threats.



      Our monthly reports explain how your environment has been functioning and whether anything is needed for further consideration or discussion.

      Proactively, we will point out infected machines and possibly compromised machines that will need remediation and attention.

      We continuously protect you from cyber threats & vulnerabilities dependent on the services that you subscribe to.

      Each and every day, to keep you safe, we take care of everything needed for your ongoing threat management.


      Why Visionspeed?

      A Cyber service provider like Visionspeed can significantly reduce downtime.

      Through the eyes of dedicated professionals, at your service is our Vision and Speed capabilities to thwart attacks before they happen.

      Being aware of our Cyber services, we could be your answer to a cost-effective solution that can also lift a burden from your IT Team.

      Or, if your current IT teams are flat out on other projects, perhaps you can send Cybersecurity endpoint management to Visionspeed while you can keep focused, and we help keep you safe!

      We will recommend, install, and manage your services according to your business objectives and ensure that critical data is safe. 

      We pride ourselves on exceptional service levels and taking good proactive care of our customers with 30 years of service since 1992.


      There are many benefits that businesses can utilise from third-party IT firms.

      Moving some tasks to a managed service provider is especially important for small businesses since they are stretched thin from a personnel and budget standpoint.

      Small companies can reduce IT costs while getting the expertise they need by partnering with a Cyber service provider like Visionspeed. Larger businesses work with IT providers to offload difficult or time-consuming tasks, allowing their internal IT staff to focus on mission-critical projects.

      Our ongoing monitoring service is there to help businesses avoid IT issues, data loss and downtime, which also preserves business reputation, continuity, and IT reliability.

      Choose Visionspeed as your guardian of Cyber security services.