Fighting the Cyber Threat in your Business? - Visionspeed

Understand your risks

Identify vulnerabilities, conduct an audit, and risk assessment to show the gaps in your threat surfaces.

Create an official company security policy

Document your rules and procedures for creating the business rules according to the security posture being applied, checked, and want to follow.

Automatic Updates and Automatic back-ups

Updates to operating systems and devices improves Cyber security. Automatic Digital back-ups in the event of an attack will have you up and running in faster time.

Train your people

Teams should be kept up to date of the changing ways of the persistent cyber threat. Cyber awareness will only strengthen your cyber security posture.

Multi Factor Authentication

2 Form Factor authentication is a must do, pre-requisite for protecting access to sensitive data or systems.

Invite the hackers in

Stay safe and up to date. Conduct your own simulated Cyber-attack and show any vulnerabilities & weaknesses to validate your security posture.

Stay Alert

Have good systems & management and be prepared in the event of a Cyber-attack.